Calling All Parent Leaders!

We would like to invite you to become a part of the Transportation Advisory Committee.

Goal: To provide safe, efficient and cost effective transportation service to enable students to optimize their learning potential at their school of choice. The advisory committee is made up of individuals from various areas of the community and CPS staff (parents, concerned citizens, social service agencies, CPS staff-members). The committee meets every other month at 10:00 AM at Rothenburg School to discuss ways to improve the transportation that students receive as they ride to and from their school of choice.

The Operating Principles:

Pupil Oriented
Taking Charge of Change
Information Driven
Overall View of District Goal
Next Generational

If you have any questions, please contact Bonita Johnson at 363-0319 or email her at

3rd Annual King Program, June 23-27, 2014 – Register Now!

Rice Education Consulting is recruiting Black and Latino male high school students in the class of 2015 and 2016 for the 3rd Annual King Program.  Participants of the program will receive access to College Planning resources as well as enrichment in the area of standardized test-taking (ACT Prep).  Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to develop Leadership, Team-Building, Identity Awareness and Personal Branding skills and network with Business Leaders in the Greater Cincinnati area. This program will empower, uplift and inspire our future leaders!

Registration is available online at:

The deadline to register is May 16, 2014.

Recruiting 8th Graders for Law and Leadership Summer Institute

I urgently need your help in recruiting 8th grade students (rising 9th graders) to apply for the Law and Leadership Summer Institute at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. We’ve received many fewer applications than we expected for this wonderful program. Here’s what you can do to help.

• Forward this email or send the attachments to anyone who can identify students or publicize LLI.
• Send me contact information for people who could identify student applicants or spread the word within their organizations.
• Talk to teachers, school administrators, and counselors in the Cincinnati area; ask for their help in identifying applicants.
• Tell me if you’re willing to attend a school board meeting, meet with high school administrators, or do other community outreach.
• Give me other suggestions on how we might find more students for this great program!
Attached are an application (which is also on the Law and Leadership website) and a couple of short descriptions of the Summer Institute—a flyer suitable for 8th graders and document with more information suitable for adults.

Application deadline is April 15th.

Thank you so much for help!

Michele Bradley
Professor of Practice, University of Cincinnati College of Law

Third Grade Reading Guarantee and What It Can Mean For Your Child

“At the core of Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s education policy is the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. But with the testing taking full effect this year, school districts are struggling with the uncertainty and the program has cast Ohio into the middle of a national debate about the efficacy of testing”. Cliff Peale – Enquirer

One of our Parent Leaders, Brenda Gray-Johnson, was interviewed for this article. Hear what she and others have to say about this controversial testing.

Read the entire article HERE!